Custom Programming the Codatron® to Your Desired Voltage

Every Codatron® high-voltage shunt regulator is custom-programmed or coded to the desired voltage, from "raw stock", allowing average delivery in fourteen business days after receipt of an order.

We ship our regulators to anywhere in the world via FedEx or DHL and usually pay for shipping.

Unique Capabilities

  • Designed and calibrated specialized test equipment for internal use.
  • Develop devices that push the envelope.
  • Program or code "raw" Codatron® units to customer custom voltages.
  • Design, develop custom "zero" temperature coefficient Codatron® regulators for Sandia National Laboratories (Sales 2006).
  • Meet or exceed RoHS and REACH requirements even before suggested regulations.

We Give Back to Our Community:

  • City Gates Ministries, Olympia, WA with furniture and food
  • Value Village, Lacey, WA with books, software, computer parts, TVs, and electronics
  • Susila Dharma, 4216 Howard Rd, Beltsville, MD with cash donations for their Endowment Fund