NSN Cross-Reference

Cross-Referencing NATO Stock Numbers of Materials and Supplies

Our Codatron® high-voltage shunt regulators are all custom-programmed to voltages commonly seen for the Victoreen Corotron™ regulators. Our regulators are designed to be comparable for voltage regulation, temperature range, and similar or lower noise. Our HTA series is designed for operation to 200°C, higher than the 150°C Corotron™ high-temperature series.

Here, the word "special" means that the voltage is not standard in our normal programming steps that range from 50V to 3750V in 50V steps.

The "*" indicates this is not Victoreen; "#" indicates an EIA-registered number.

5960-00-067-9636 GV3A-400 HT-400
5960-00-897-8418 GV4S410 HT-410 Special
5960-00-912-7502 GV5B600 HT-600
5960-00-826-1280 GV6A700 HT-700
6110-01-038-4131 GV3A-900H HTA-900
5960-00-283-6235 GV5B900 HT-900
5960-00-060-3441 GV3A950 HT-950
5960-00-617-5825 GV5A1200 HT-1200
5960-00-504-8401 CK1039 * HT-1200
5960-00-878-6554 GV3A1200 HT-1200
5960-00-944-4671 GV3A1240 HT-1240 Special
5960-00-831-8683 GV4S1400 HT-1400
5960-00-051-8903 GV4S1600 HT-1600
5960-00-811-7500 GV5A1600 HT-1600
5960-00-458-6705 GV1A1800 HT-1800
5960-00-962-5391 GV3A1800 HT-1800
5960-00-812-6904 GV3A2000 HT-2000
5960-00-960-3177 GV4S2000 HT-2000
5960-00-617-4105 GV5A2000 HT-2000
5960-00-617-4105 725A * HT-2000
5960-00-729-5602 GV6A2000 HT-2000
5960-00-754-5316 GV6A2000 HT-2000
5960-00-682-2388 GV6A2300 HT-2300
5960-00-766-1953 GV5A2400 HT-2400
5960-01-035-3901 GV4S-2500 HT-2500
5960-00-679-8153 GV5A2500 HT-2500
6110-00-983-5076 GV9A2500 HT-2500
5960-00-136-7046 GV6A2600 HT-2600
5960-00-503-9529 GV3S2800 HT-2800
5960-00-946-1932 GV3S3000 HT-3000
5960-00-617-3482 GV5C3300 HT-3300
5960-00-168-7809 7161 # HT-3500
5960-00-617-4449 GV5C4000 Special