Capabilities Statement

An Easily Programmable Shunt Regulator at a Low Price

Oil 4 Less® LLC is a veteran-owned small business with ten years’ experience in providing quality shunt regulator replacements to the Victoreen Corotron™. Our low-noise Codatron® semiconductor high-voltage shunt regulator is capable of operation to 204 degrees Centigrade / 400 degrees Fahrenheit, translating to a longer lifetime, higher reliability, and lower cost of use.

The low noise allows decreased bench setup time and more reliable data for analysis; both benefits translating to greater profitability. It is designed to be easily programmable to any of the popular voltages used in photomultiplier applications, such as radiation detectors and downhole neutron detectors; users have found our Codatron® to be quieter than the Corotron™.


CAGE: 4BFS6 DUNS: 19-581-1190

Past Performance

HouTex Hi-Temp Transformer

Atlas Electronic Systems, Inc.

Amdyr Wireline, Inc

JHA Industries, Inc.


Duncan Equipment Co.

Maxi Tech

General Electric Oil & Gas

Ditis HK Ltd.

Sayya Inc

Multiparts Inc


Altway Electronics

ARC Electronics


Associated Wireline

Bee Research Pty Ltd

New Advantage Corp

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Setter USA

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Superior Energy Svcs

Benchark Electroncs

Antares USA

Company Snapshot

Gov. Business POC: Robert Baer

Phone: (360) 763-5022

Address: 3 Monroe Pkwy #P-321 Lake Oswego, OR 97035


Work Area: All countries

Set Aside Status: Veteran-Owned Small Business

Active in SAM; Registration valid until 2-FEB-2020.

NAICS and FSC Codes

NAICS 334413 FSC 5963

As a replacement to items in NAICS 334413 FSC 5960.


Veteran-Owned Small Business
60 Years as Electronic Technician
16 Years Selling Our Codatron®
Meet/Exceed RoHS and REACH
Program Codatron® to Custom Voltages